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Academic Journals for Trans Health Publications
Editable Google spreadsheet with list of journals receptive to transgender health submissions. Includes information on journal rankings, publication length, and other information.

Google Map of Global Transgender Health Services
This Google Map tracks TPATH members entries for transgender health services globally. Please enter services you’re aware of. If you are concerned about identifying the provider/availability of services in an area that is trans-unfriendly, consider dropping a location point for the country and entering your email address as a contact in the notes section.

Non-Binary & Genderqueer Academic Resources
Editable Google spreadsheet of academic resources on non-binary people and topics.

Skill Share
Editable Google spreadsheet with people interested in collaborations, providing counseling, transcription, and other services.

Sub Q Self-Injection Video
Dr. Colt St. Amand demonstrates how to do a sub Q hormone injection.

Member Publications (2020)

TPATH members are in bold for all publications.

Simpson’s Paradox in LGBTQ+ Policy: A Case Study
Florence Ashley

La perspectiva de despatologización trans: ¿una aportación para enfoques de salud pública y prácticas clínicas en salud mental? Informe SESPAS 2020/ The trans depathologization perspective: a contribution to public health approaches and clinical practices in mental health? SESPAS Report 2020
Amets Seuss Schwend

A Rapid Review of Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation Documentation in Electronic Health Records
Francis Lau, Marcy Antonio, Kelly Davison, Roz Queen, & Aaron Devor

Trans Laws and Constitutional Rulings in Belgium: The Ambiguous Relations Between Sex and Gender
Petra Meier, & Joz Motmans

Reflecting on the Affective Dimensions of the “Transamorous Man” Backlash
Florence Ashley

Analysis of the Effects of Legal Sex Markers in Detention: Single-Sex Detention Facilities, Conversion Therapy, and Violations of Human Rights
Cianán Russell

The Complexities of Categorizing Gender: A Hierarchical Clustering Analysis of Data from the First Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey
Denon Callander, Christy E. Newman, Martin Hold, Shoshana Rosenberg, Dustin T. Duncan, Mish Pony, Liadh Timmins, Vincent Cornelisse, Liz Duck-Chong, Binhuan Wang, & Teddy Cook

Assessment of Health Conditions and Health Service Use Among Transgender Patients in Canada
Alex Abramovich, Claire de Oliveira, Tara Kiran, Tomisin Iwajomo, Lori E. Ross, & Paul Kurdyak

TERF Wars: An Introduction
Ruth Pearce, Sonja Erikainen, & Ben Vincent

The Ontological Woman: A History of Deauthentication, Duhumanization, and Violence
Cristin Williams

A Critical Commentary on ‘Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria’
Florence Ashley

More Than ‘Canaries in the Gender Coal Mine'” A Transfeminist Approach to Research on Detransition
Rowan Hildebrand-Chupp

Sex Work Abolition and Hegemonic Feminisms: Implications for Gender-Diverse Sex Workers and Migrants from Brazil
Lua da Mota Stabile

Afterword: TERF Wars in the Time of COVID-19
Ruth Pearce, Sonja Erikainen, & Ben Vincent

ROGD is Scientific-Sounding Veneer for Unsubstantiated Anti-Trans Views: A Peer Reviewed Analysis
Florence Ashley

Two Steps Back – Rescinding Transgender Health Protections in Risky Times
Sula Malinan, Sarah Warbelow, & Asa Radix

Language & Ethics in Transgender Health
Guy T’Sjoen, Asa Radix, & Joz Motmans

HIV Antiretroviral Treatment and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis in Transgender Individuals
Tonia C. Poteat, & Asa Radix

Experiences and Psychological Wellbeing Outcomes Associated with Bullying in Treatment-Seeking Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youth
Gemma L. Witcomb, Laurence Claes, Walter Pierre Bouman, Elena Nixon, Joz Motmans, & Jon Arcelus

Longitudinal Cohort of HIV-negative Transgender Women of Colour in New York City: Protocol for the TURNNT (‘Trying to Understand Relationships, Networks and Neighborhoods among Transgender Women of Colour’) Study
Denton Callander, John A. Schneider, Asa Radix, Basile Chaix, Roberta Scheinmann, Gia Love, Jordyn Smith, Seann D. Regan, Ichiri Kawachi, Kiara St. James, Yusuf Ransome, Cristina Herrera, Sari L. Reisner, Ceyenne Doroshow, Tonia Poteat, Robert Garofalo, Jae Sevelius, & Dustin T. Duncan

Epidemiological Considerations in Transgender Health: A Systematic Review with Focus on Higher Quality Data
Qi Zhang, Michael Goodman, Noah Adams, Trevor Corneil, Leila Hashemi, Baudewijintje Kreukels, Joz Motmans, Rachel Snyder, & Eli Coleman

Teaching Health Professionals How to Tailor Gender-Affirming Medicine Protocols: A Design Thinking Project
Kinnon R. MacKinnon, Lori E. Ross, David Rojas Gauldron, & Stella Ng

Gender-concordant identity documents and mental health among transgender adults in the USA: A cross-sectional study
Ayden I. Scheim, Amaya G. Perez-Brumer, & Greta R. Bauer

Understanding HIV risk and vulnerability among cisgender men with transgender partners
Tonia Poteat, Mannat Malik, Andrea L. Wirtz, Erin E. Cooney, & Sari Reisner

Improved rates of cervical cancer screening among transmasculine patients through self-collected swabs for high-risk human papillomavirus DNA testing
Zil Goldstein, Tyler Martinson, Shruti Ramachandran, Rebecca Lindner, & Joshua D. Safer

Diversidad Afectivo-sexual, Corporal y de Género más allá del Binarismo en la Formación en Ciencias de la Salud (Affective-sexual, Bodily and Gender Diversity Beyond Binarism in Health Sciences Education)
Ángel Garsch-Gallèn, Núria Gregori-Flor, Inma Hurtado-Garcia, Amets Suess-Schwend, María & Teresa Ruiz-Cantero

Removing barriers to health care for transgender people with and without cancer (Obstacles aux soins des patients transgenres atteints ou non d’un cancer)
A. Alpert, & E. Cicero

A methodology for the marginalised: Surviving oppression and traumatic fieldwork in the neoliberal academy
Ruth Pearce

Disparities in suicidality by gender identity among medicare beneficiaries
Ana M. Progovac, Brian O. Mullin, Emilia Dunham, Sari L. Reisner, Alex McDowll, Maria Jose Sanchez Roman, Mason Dunn, Cynthia J. Tellingator, Frederick Q. Lu, Aaron Samuel Brelow, Marshall Forstein, & Benjamin Lê Cook

Mental health of trans and gender diverse people in Aotearoa/New Zealand: A review of the social determinants of inequities
Kyle K.H. Tan, Johanna M. Schmidt, Sonja J. Ellis, & Jamie F. Veale

Autism and transgender identity: Implications for depression and anxiety
Jennifer Murphy, Freya Prentice, Reubs Walsh, Caroline Catmur, & Geoffrey Bird

Trans health care from a depathologization and human rights perspective
Amets Suess Schwend

Parental desire and fertility preservation in assigned male at birth transgender people in Belgium
Justine Defreyne, Judith Van Schuylenbergh, Joz Motmans, Kelly Tilleman, & Guy T’Sjoen

Surgical informed consent and recognizing a perioperative duty to disclose in transgender health care
Florence Ashley

Gender non-affirmation from cisgender male partners: Development and validation of a brief stigma scale for HIV research with transgender men who have sex with men (trans MSM)
Sari L. Reisner, Chiara S. Moore, Andrew Asquith, Dana J. Pardee, & Kenneth H. Mayer

Statement in response to calls for banning evidence-based supportive health interventions for transgender and gender diverse youth
Scott Leibowitz, Jamison Green, Ren Massey, Alison Mohr Boleware, Diane Ehrensaft, Will Francis, Colt Keo-Meier, Aydin Olson-Kennedy, Seth Pardo, G. Nic Rider, Emmett Schelling, Andrea Segovi, Vin Tangpricha, Erica Anderson, & Guy T’Sjoen

“I don’t think they thought I was ready”: How pre-transition assessments create care inequities for trans people with complex mental health in Canada
Kinnon R. MacKinnon, Daniel Grace, Stella L. Ng, Suzanne R. Sicchia, & Lori E. Ross


Gender Trauma: Healing Cultural, Social, and HIstorical Gendered Trauma
Alex Iantaffi

TERF Wars: Feminism and the Fight for Transgender Futures
 Ben Vincent, Sonja Erikainen, & Ruth Pearce

Trans and Autistic: Stories from Life at the Intersection
Noah Adams, & Bridget Liang

Non-Binary Genders: Navigating Communities, Identities, and Healthcare
Ben Vincent

Book Chapters

In The Oxford Handbook of Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health edited by Esther D. Rothblum
Chapter: History of Gender Identity and Mental Health by
lore m. dickey
Chapter: Transgender Mental Health by Laura E. Kuper, Danna Bismar, & Whit Ryan
Chapter: Gender Non-Binary Mental Health by lore m.

Non-binary lives: An anthology of intersecting identities
Jos Twist, Ben Vincent, Meg-John Barker, & Kat Gupta

Finding self: A transgender person’s guide to physical transition (for transmasculine and nonbinary people)
Sage W. Buch, Jos Twist, Ben Vincent, Meg-John Barker, & Kat Gupta, & Caitlyn Barhorse


Reading the diaries of Lou Sullivan, a racy and determined gay transgender ancestor
JD Davids

A new anti-heroine of transgender literature emerges, or, why everyone should read Kai Cheng Thom’s “Fierce femmes and notorious liars: A dangerous trans girl’s confabulous memoir”
Avery Everhart

I have a condition that was missing from my nursing education
Eva Légaré-Tremblay


Het Meten van Genderidentiteit in Kwantitatief Onderzoek (in Dutch)
UZ Gent and Transgender Infopunt

Joz Motmans, Aida Burgwal, & Myrte Dierckx

Health and health care access for trans and non-binary people in Canada
(some members in TPATH)
Also available in Français

Guidelines to human rights-based trans-specific healthcare
Leo Mulió Álvarez for Transgender Europe
Also available in Pусский, & Español

Member Publications (2019)

María Jelena : Jelena Jelena Jelena Articles
TPATH members are in bold in all publications

Sexual Health, Transition-Related Risk Behavior and Need for Health Care Among Transgender Sex Workers
Judith Van Schuylenbergh, Joz Motmans, Justine Defreyne, Anna Somers, & Guy T’Sjoen

Transnormativity in the Psy Disciplines: Constructing Pathology in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and Standards of Care
Damien W. Riggs, Ruth Pearce, Carla A. Pfeffer, Sally Hines, Frances White, & Elisabetta Ruspini

Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among Transgender Adults in Relation to Education, Ethnicity, and Income: A Systematic Review
Noah J. Adams, & Ben Vincent

Transforming the Paradigm of Non-Binary Transgender Health: A Fiield in Transition
Joz Motmans, Timo O. Nieder, & Walter Pierre Bouman

Using the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) With Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Children and Adolescents
Nic G. Rider, Dianna Berg, Seth T. Pardo, Johanna Olson-Kennedy, Carla Sharp, Kathy M. Tran, Sam Calvetti, & Colton L. Keo-Meier

Homophobia, Conversion Therapy, and Care Models for Trans Youth: Defending the Gender Affirmation Approach
Florence Ashley

Family Discussions of Early Childhood Social Transitions
Krustina R. Olson, Charlie Blotner, Daniel Alonso, Kayla Lewis, Deja Edwards, & Lily Durwood

Transgender HIV Research: Nothing About Us Without Us
Ayden I. Scheim, Max Nicolai Appenroch, S. Wilson Beckham, Zil Goldstein, Mauro Cabral Grinspan, JoAnna G. Keatley, & Asa Radix

Developmental Milestones in Young Transgender Women in Two American Cities: Results from a Racially and Ethnically Diverse Sample
Arjee Restar, Harry Jin, Aaron Samuel Brestow, Anthony Surace, Nadav Antebi-Gruszka, Lisa Kuhns, Sari L. Reisner, Robert Garofalo, & Matthew Mimiaga

Science Has Always Been Ideological, You Just Don’t See it
Florence Ashley

Reply to ‘Hormone replacement therapy: informed consent without assessment?’
Florence Ashley

Resisting the Post-truth era: Maintaining a Commitment to Science and Social Justice in Bioethics
Beth A. Clark, Alice Virani, Diane Ehrensaft, & Johanna Olson-Kennedy

Health Disparatives Between Binary and Non-binary Trans People: A Community-Driven Survey
Aisa Burgwal, Natia Gvianishvili, Vierge Hård, Julia Kata, Isidro García Nieto, Cal Orre, Adam Smiley, Jelena Vidić, & Joz Motmans

Model Law-Prohibiting Reparative Practices
Florence Ashley

Beyond the Pregnant Man: Representing Trans Pregnancy in A Deal With the Universe
Ruth Pearce, & Francis Ray White

Shifts in Assigned Sex Ratios at Gender Identity Clinics Likely Reflect Charges in Referral Patterns
Florence Ashley

Genderfucking Non-Disclosure: Sexual Fraud, Transgender Bodies, and Messy Identities
Florence Ashley

Trans Conversion Therapy Doesn’t Call Itself Conversion Therapy
Florence Ashley

Watchful Waiting Doesn’t Mean No Puberty Blockers, and Moving Beyond Watchful Waiting
Florence Ashley

Thinking an Ethics of Gender Exploration: Against Delaying Transition for Transgender and Gender Creative Youth
Florence Ashley

Gatekeeping Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transgender Patients is Dehumanizing
Florence Ashley

Size and Distribution of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Populations: A Narrative Review
Michael Goodman, Noah Adams, Trevor Corneil, Baudewijntje Kreukels, Joz Motmans, & Eli Coleman

Safeguarding LGBT+ Adolescents
Florence Ashley

Breaking down barriers and binaries in trans healthcare: the validation of non-binary people
Ben Vincent

Unethical Trans Doc Exposed
Noah Adams

Puberty Blockers are Necessary, but They Don’t Prevent Homelessness: Caring for Transgender youth by Supporting Unsupportive Parents
Florence Ashley

De/constructing DIY identities in a trans music scene
Ruth Pearce, & Kirsty Lohman


ひとりひとりの「性」を大切にする社会へ (Towards a society that valyes the “sex” of each person)
遠藤まめた (Endo Mameta)

Stalking ‘Lolcows’ and ‘Ratkings’: DIY Gender Policing , Far-Right Digilantes, and Anti-Transgender Violence
In Disinformation an Digital Democracies in the 21st Century
Abigail Curlew, & Jeffrey Monaghan

Transition Considerations for Transgender Patients
In Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care in Endocrinology
Diane Ehrensaft, Colton L. Keo-Meier, & Joanna Yuen

Sex, Sexuality, and Trans Identities: Clinical Guidance for Psychotherapists and Counsellors
Editors: Jan C. Niemira, Gary J. Jacobson, & Karalyn J. Violeta
Contributors: S.J. Langer, Kelly Wise, Dulincia Pitagora, Jessica Kosciewisz, Asher Pandjiris, Andrew Zarate, Laura A. Jacobs, Jane Fleischman, Julie Mencher, Katherine Rachlin, Tobias B.D. Wiggins, D.M. Maynard, Olivia Fischer, Ronia Mukerjee, Gail Knudson, & Mister Cris

Trans & Care: Trans Personen Zwischen Selbstsorge, Fürsorge, und Versorgung (in German)
Max Nicolai Appenroth, & María Do Mar Castro Verela

The Emergence of Trans: Cultures, Politics and Everyday Lives
Ruth Pearce, Igi Moon, Kat Gupta, & Deborah Lynn Steinberg

‘Trans’ Is My Gender Modality: A Modest Terminological Proposal
In Trans Bodies, Trans Selves (2nd Ed)
Florence Ashley

Trans Temporalities and Non-Linear Ageing
In Older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans People: Minding the Knowledge Gaps
Ruth Pearce


Political Efforts Threaten to Undermine Fundemental Trans Rights
Abigail Curlew

Noah Adams

Clinicians Should Help Their Patients Medically Transition Without  A Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis
Florence Ashley

If a Man Gives Birth, He’s the Father – The Experiences of Trans Parents
Ruth Pearce

No, There is Nothing Homophobic About Gender Affirmation
Florence Ashley

To Move Pride Forward, We Need Indigenous Leadership and Acknowledgement of Turtle Island
Trudie Jackson

It’s Okay if Your Sexuality and Gender are Complicated
Florence Ashley

Jordan Peterson is Mistaken about Gender Identity
Florence Ashley

Health Care Needs to Start Seeing Trans Youth for Who They Are
Fae Johnstone

The Lack of Trans-Friendly Doctors in the South Is an Injustice
Ivy Gibson-Hill

For Trans People in Ontario, The Sex-Ed Debate Feels Like it’s About Something else
Jake Pyne


Guidelines to Humam Rights-Based Trans-Specific Healthcare
Transgender Europe (includes TPATH members)

Current Career Opportunities


The Other Foundation
This organization is calling for researchers who live and work in Africa to work with a dataset on queer and trans Malawians. Successful applicants will receive a research grant.
Deadline: November 30, 2020

Women’s College Hospital
Post-Doctoral Fellow: Transgender Health
Toronto, Canada
Deadline: Open until filled


Students are invited for counselling placement. Applicants should be trans or gender non-binary or partners or parents of same, though other experience of trans issues will be considered. Candidates will ideally be qualified to or second year students on a practitioner course which is BACP/UKCP accredited. Please write with CV to

London, UK

The TransLatin@ Coalition
Policy Internship

Los Angeles, USA

University of Waikato
Dr. Jamie Veale is accepting graduate students from psychology, social science, and health backgrounds. Please contact her for more information.
Hamilton, New Zealand


GTD Healthcare (NHS)
Senior Clinical Practitioner (due Oct 9)

Care Navigator Manager (due Oct 7)
Salaried GP (due Oct 9)
Manchester, UK

Deadline: Various

LGBT Foundation
Pride in Practice Business Development Manager, London (due Oct 14)
Indigo Gender Service Care Navigator Supervisor, Manchester (due Oct 20)
Indigo Gender Service Care Navigator (x6), Manchester (due Oct 20)
LGBT Foundation Trustee (due Oct 23)
London and Manchester, UK
Deadline: Various

Transhealth Northhampton
Patient Services Coordinator

Pride in Practice Business Development Manager
Practice Manager
Pediatric NP/PA
Family Medicine NP/PA
Psychiatric NP/PA
General Pediatrician
Clinical Social Worker
Ambulatory Nurse Care Coordinator
Primary Care Physician
Ambulatory Nurse
Family Medicine Physician
Northhampton, US

Deadline: Not specified (opens Spring 2021)