TPATH fights for the interests of trans-identified professionals in WPATH and its’ constituent regional organizations. We promote the active membership, participation, and leadership of trans individuals in these organizations, in part by pushing them to consider the impact of their policies and programs and to pursue healthcare strategies that better our lives.


TPATH is a community of trans people striving for the same goal. Trans health by trans people. We look around and see ourselves reflected in the rank and file, but not the leadership of the organizations that purport to speak for our health care. TPATH aims to change all that. We’re a network of like minded providers, advocates, and activists to share with and learn from.


TPATH includes trans-identified trans healthcare professionals, advocates, and activists from around the world and across all disciplines. Look to us for opportunities to collaborate on current and future projects like trans health research. You’ll also find that students are equal and fully participating members. No hierarchies here!

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