The 2019 conference of the United States Professional Association for Transgender Health was unique in that they created a program that allowed transgender community members to receive scholarships in exchange for reporting on the conference sessions that they attended. The following are the collected reports made by the Community Rapporteurs. In addition, you can find a video of the USPATH Town Hall at their website. Dee Dee Watters, a Houston Based Trans Activist, also posted video of her response at the Town Hall.

Gaines Blasdel

Dorcas Adedoja

Lotus Dao

  • De-Transition: What We Know and Considerations for Care. Write up also includes the following sessions;
    • Vaginoplasty Revision Procedures
    • The Neuro-Gender Intersection: An Affirmative Approach to Therapy with Autistic Gender-Expansive People
    • Let’s Face It: Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Considerations with Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)
  • Prepubescent Gender Diversity: Complexities and Recommendations. Write up also includes the following sessions;
    • Feminizing Surgeries Oral
    • Complications Due to Patient Positioning During Surgery
    • History of Gender Affirming Procedures and Surgery in San Francisco
    • A Multidisciplinary Approach to Transitioning Transgender Youth to Adult Care

Nova Bradford

  • Trans Community in DC and the Northeast. Write up also includes the following presentations;
    • Gender Identity and Spirituality: Religious Trauma and Ethical Practices
    • From Binary to Spectrum: Developing Multidimensional Affirmative Assessment Instruments for Youth
    • Effect of Gender Affirming Health Care in Reducing Suicide Attempts: A Survival Analysis Approach with the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey
    • We are Family: Family Support and Trans Resilience
    • Resilience mMong Trans and Gender Diverse Adults: The Protective Role of Dispositional Hope Within the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicide
    • TransLife: Development of a Smartphone App to Predict and Improve Rates of Suicidal Ideation Among Transgender Persons
    • Hair Removal and Psychological Well-Being in Transfeminine Adults: Associations with Gender Dysphoria and Gender Euphoria
    • She Came to Me For Care, Why Would I Say No? Results from a Survey of Advanced Practice Nurses Caring for Gender Minority Clients
    • Guiding Pedagogy for Mental Health Professionals
    • Vicarious Trauma in Working with TGNC Clients and Communities: Clinical Considerations

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