It’s a scary time and it can feel like we’re all alone out there.The following resources show that’s not the case. Please check back for monthly updates.


Here’s What to Do if You’re Trans and Need to Go to the ER
Kate Sosin

The Unexpected Way the Coronavirus is Hurting Some Members of the Trans Community
Andrew Whalen

Trans Surgeries Postponed Indefinitely amid Coronavirus Pandemic
NBC News
Serena Daniari

The Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Trans People Need to Know
National Center for Transgender Equality


J.D. David’s Blog, The Cranky Queer, has a wealth of information about Coronavirus. Posts include;

Wikis, Google Docs, and Other Resources

  • QueerCare has created a wiki of resources for providing care in the time of Coronavirus. This resource is particularly useful for mutual aid-based community groups.
  • Another excellent resource is the Database of Localized Resources During COVID-19 Outbreak created by persons unknown. This (US-based) document includes hundreds of inks to governmental information, mutual aid groups, trans/queer support, physical/mental health resources and other sources of support.

Talks and Lectures

  • Colt Meier St. Amand did a recorded livestream on March 24th about responding to Coronavirus as a transgender person.
  • Koncept Kit is a Queer/Trans POC-run organization based in Houston, USA that helps people organize and hold conferences and meetings online. They come highly recommended.

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