Naruhiko “Sho” Saotome is a trans masculine and non binary person from Osaka Japan. The following is a post from him about trans organizing in Japan.


For those who are interested in LGBTQ things in Japan. We’ve been working on The National Convention of Sexual Minority for Medical, Welfare, and Education Japan 2022, which began in 2013 and took place from January 28th to February 6th, 2022. It is a platform to think about how to make each social resource easy to use for all in the medical, welfare, and educational settings. It includes 17 programs on various topics including research, discussion, and practices. It asks the following questions; Where and what are sexual minorities (LGBTQ) in trouble? What is the current status of efforts in the field of medical care, welfare, and education? What are the difficulties in that effort? Every year, we have many sessions from this perspective, aiming to create a wide network of experts and parties. There are currently archives on Youtube with Japanese subtitles so that you can use YouTube’s automatic translation. The videos are available until the end of March!
So please let your friends know these archives especially, those who study the sexuality and gender of Japan. I hope researchers and students in this field find something good for their studies at our convention.
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