TPATH is proud to be a signatory on an open letter to the International Academy of Sex Research¬† and Springer regarding the ethical direction of the Archives of Sexual Behavior¬†(ASB). We join the Center for Applied Transgender Studies and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association in expressing our concern with their handling of ethical issues the manuscripts they choose to publish. The most recent – though by no means only – example of this was the publication of an article that failed to garner ethical approval prior to or following data collection. The need for ethical approval prior to conducting research is a long standing hallmark of research ethics and the ASB’s publication of the article without it brings the journal into serious disrepute. TPATH, as signatories on this letter, have lost faith in the editorial direction of this publication and undertake to no longer submit, act as peer reviewers, or serve in an editorial capacity for the Archives of Sexual Behavior until such time as the current editor, Dr. Kenneth Zucker, is replaced by one with a demonstrated record of integrity on LGBQT+ issues. We invite you do join us by signing on the letter here.

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